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Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are a type of Polymer thick film (PTF) flex circuits where the conductors are actually printed onto a polymer base film. They are typically single conductor layer structures, however two or more metal layers with insulating layers printed between printed conductor layers are also common. While lower in conductor conductivity, nevertheless, membrane switch circuits have successfully served in a wide range of low-power applications. They are reliable, effective, low-cost user interfaces, suitable for a wide range of products, and available with many creative options. Provide us with your specifications and we will help you create a suitable design optimized for your application.

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Design Options

  • Embedded surface mount LEDs for indicator lighting
  • Backlighting with Light Guide Films and LEDs
  • Metal dome or Polydome for tactile feedback
  • Flex tail connector options includes female, male, solder tabs
  • Variety of adhesive choices such as acrylic or foam adhesives for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Via holes (thru-holes) to simplify construction
  • ESD/EMI shielding
  • Water-seal option
  • Capacitive membrane switch
Membrane Switches
Membrane Switches
Membrane Switches