Plastic Nameplates

Plastic Nameplate Design Options

Plastic nameplates offer you the opportunity to create your own visual brand language. We have over 30 years of experience and can offer many different varieties of plastic nameplates with our integrated manufacturing processes.

Generally, we manufacture your plastic decorative nameplates using injection molding. We also offer PU doming. During PU doming, we apply non-yellowing 3D crystal clear polyurethane resin to a label that we’ve printed. This creates a 3D effect while protecting the original label. We can treat your plastic decorative nameplates with a variety of strengthening treatments, such as and embossing and chrome plating. We can also apply plastic sticker labels, flexible 3D letters, or ecodomes.

  • PU Doming (non-yellowing 3D crystal clear resin)
  • Embossed plastic nameplates
  • Injection molded plastic nameplates
  • Chrome plated plastic nameplates
  • Choice of base substrates with brush look , bright chrome
  • Plastic labels (stickers) are also available with multi-color printing
  • Ecodomes or flexible 3D letters

Sony Plastic Nameplates

K-Sonic Logo Plastic NameplateK-Sonic Logo Plastic Nameplate
M-30 Sweep Logo Plastic NameplateM-30 Sweep Logo Plastic Nameplate
Sony Logo Plastic NameplateSony Logo Plastic Nameplate
Inter Action Logo Plastic NameplateInter Action Logo Plastic Nameplate
Logitech Logo Plastic NameplateLogitech Logo Plastic Nameplate
Dr@gon Logo Plastic NameplateDr@gon Logo Plastic Nameplate