Metal Nameplates

Metal Nameplate Design Options

When designing your companies’ name plate, it is important to have a design that projects an image of solidarity, integrity, and permanence. King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd’s metal name plates, manufactured in aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate/polyester, and brass, are the perfect answer to represent the dedication of your company to serving your customers. Finely crafted by our highly qualified staff, King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd’s metal nameplates are designed to represent your company using production techniques expressly engineered to your specifications.

King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd offers a variety of processes in the production of metal nameplates. The process begins with either silk screen printing, anodizing, or pad printing. At the completion of printing, the forming of the nameplate begins where the plate can be formed 3 Dimensionally or include 3D geometry. To enhance the design, it can be spin or diamond cut.

We offer many options for our decorative metal nameplates, which we manufacture mainly in aluminum, stainless steel and brass. We also offer PU doming over metal labels.

We can treat your decorative metal nameplates with a variety of procedures for strengthening and aesthetics. These procedures include: embossing, anodizing, etching, forging, forming, and electroforming.

We can also add metallic colors, micro holes, spin finishes, brush finishes, and diamond cutting. Learn more by reaching out to our sales staff today.

Metal Logo Nameplates

  • Emboss
  • Metallic colors
  • Anodized
  • Micro holes
  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Brass
  • Spin finish, brush finish, diamond cutting
  • Metal labels are also available
  • Etched
  • Forged
  • Electroformed
  • Formed
  • PU Doming
  • Emboss
Acer Logo Metal NameplateAcer Logo Metal Nameplate
Sharp Logo Metal NameplateSharp Logo Metal Nameplate
Whirlpool Metal NameplateWhirlpool Metal Nameplate
Dell Logo Metal NameplateDell Logo Metal Nameplate
King George V Logo Metal NameplateKing George V Logo Metal Nameplate
Amana Logo Metal NameplateAmana Logo Metal Nameplate

One of the special features King Epoxy Emblem offers on metal and polycarbonate/polyester nameplates is doming. It is important for a company to have their nameplate standout and be noticed. The process of doming gives extra clarity to the logo on a nameplate giving the added effect of appearing to be three dimensional. The professional appearance of a domed label protects logos from being scratched, smudged, or wearing off. The doming process includes the dripping of a specially produced polyurethane liquid poured over the nameplate creating a crystal clear highly polished finish. Polycarbonate/polyester is a very common material used in the graphic design process. The final product is an exceptionally professional and permanent image.

Additional methods for producing high quality nameplates include die casting and electroplating. With die casting, a logo is raised from the surface using either a diamond cut or brushed background depending on your choice of style. Diamond cutting is done by cutting a series of fine parallel lines on the surface creating an eye-catching finish. The added feature of electroplating enhances the final product with chrome plating or painting.

Die casting is an inexpensive process that produces a high quality professional looking name plate with a clear presentation of your company’s logo. The process is characterized by forcing hot metal into a mold cavity, which is made of steel. A variety of metals can be used to form the name plate. To create the die, the printed image is meticulously recreated from the original print. Once the die is cast, it is possible to produce any number of name plates. It is in the finishing process where the blank is polished and electroplated with chrome or paint. Die cast name plates have a 3D effect that makes them standout and be noticed.

The electroforming process puts a thin skin of metal over a base form or model, which is known in the industry as a mandrel. The final nameplate is thicker and heavier than is found with electroplating. Over the years, this process has been perfected to create highly precise and intricate designs making the final part standout. The deposited metal takes on the shape and form of the model creating a permanent and precise form.

Each of the various methods creates a unique and attractive appearance for your company’s logo. Your nameplate is a brief eye-catching image of your company and the type of products you represent. Well-designed nameplates are a marketing tool designed to leave a lasting impression for potential clients and customers. Its professionalism tells the story of who you are and the type of services you provide.

The extraordinary quality of King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd’s metal nameplates has made us the industry leader in the production, fabricating, and manufacturing of custom designed nameplates. We have partnered with large corporations and small businesses in the development of metal nameplates that offer a lasting satisfying positive appearance.