In-Mold Decoration (IML/IMD)

In-Mold Decoration

In-Mold Decoration or In-Mold Label or IML is a way of combining graphics together with the injection molded plastic, creating a seamless product without using a secondary laminating process. It can be vacuum formed into curved shapes and wrapped around the edges, making a visually appealing product without gaps on the edges. Combining the decorative overlay with the molding process, not only adds durability to the graphics, but also minimizes manufacturing costs and adds design flexibility.

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  • Cost of manufacturing: Eliminates the needs for a pressure sensitive adhesive to bond to the molded plastic. No need for additional handling and bonding processes.
  • Durability and Protection: Since the label material is permanently bonded to the molded plastic in the molding process, it cannot be removed or peeled off without damaging the plastic itself. Essential for products with long life span that are used in applian