About Us

About Us

King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd (KTP)  is your premier innovative solution provider to all your decorative and interface requirements. Our factory in Thailand, Thai Techno Plate (TTP), is a fully integrated manufacturer with a trusted reputation for quality, service and delivery. To extend our commitment to global service, KTP is established to provide our customers with in-house design and engineering support, customer service, warehousing, and turn-key assembly in North America. KTP is a fully owned factory located in Pomona, California, with 16900 square feet of office, assembly and warehouse space.


To become our customers’ key technology partner and ultimate solution provider in decorative and interface products.

  • Our Vision is to be the preferred and most trusted resource for decorative and interface solutions.
  • Our customers are our partners. Their ultimate success is our goal and we will help them get there.
  • We understand each unique challenges of their product design and requirements.
  • We provide the engineering, design, quality and manufacturing solutions plus the support that they deserve.

Let us create a winning partnership and product together!

Company History


King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd was established by Honorary Chairman, Mr. Jih-Sheng Liao


King Epoxy Emblem Co, Ltd established 6 companies 3D/TTP/KIT/KEB/K3D/PAA and expanded globally by offering advanced decorative technologies


KEE Group was formed and led by Chairman Mr. Sonny Liao. All the global facilities are incorporated under one group


KEE Ever Bright Emblem Co. Ltd. (KEB), a company under KEE Group, was successfully publicly listed in China


King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd was established by Honorary Chairman, Mr. Jih-Sheng LiaoCorporate business expanded to include manufacturing of specific pathogen-free (SPF) chicken eggs for vaccine manufacturing and biomedical research with the establishment of Thai SPF Co., Ltd. in Thailand


Corporate business expanded to include manufacturing of HPP pasteurization food and beverage products with the establishment of KEE Fresh and Safe Foodtech Co., Ltd (KFS) in Taiwan


KEE Ever Bright Emblem Co. Ltd. (KEB) business was sold


King Epoxy Emblem Co. Ltd. Technology Partners (KTP), was established in USA, to continue and provide advanced decorative technologies to our customers